A one-day virtual conference for distributed systems and critical infrastructure enthusiasts about the state of the art in randomness beacon research and deployment

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Randomness is at the core of many Internet services we rely on every day

Randomness is essential for the security of many protocols and operations in the Internet, from secure transactions, encrypted communications, lotteries and much more.

At this summit, you will learn from the world's top experts on the complexities of generating sound randomness, the progress made and the solutions deployed in some of the largest Blockchains such as Ethereum and Filecoin.

Learn about drand and it's largest deployment, the League of Entropy

The League of Entropy just received its largest upgrade, making it a production-ready randomness beacon that is decentralized, verifiable and unbiasable. Learn from the LoE node operators and the authors of the protocol, and master the power of true unbiasable randomness!

Be part of where the industry is headed

Does VDF mean something to you? How can Verifiable Delay Functions help with randomness generation? What are they and why aren't we using them yet? Join the summit and you will find out!



Welcome and Opening

Karola Kirsanow
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Block 1

State of the art and Ecosystem


Distributed Randomness Fundamentals

Why randomness matters, what are randomness beacons and their applications for distributed systems such as blockchains. How to build secure distributed randomness beacons and the key properties that led to creation of drand.


Why Randomness is critical for Ethereum and the approach Ethereum is taking

Ethereum 2.0 and its usage of the Beacon Chain and why randomness is critical.

Vitalik Buterin
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Filecoin and Randomness

Why Filecoin decided to use drand as its source of randomness.

Irene Giacomelli
Juan Benet
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Q & A (Block 1)

Bryan Ford
Vitalik Buterin
Irene Giacomelli
Juan Benet
Block 2

Drand and the league of entropy


The League of Entropy: Past, Present, and Future

Founding members share perspectives on the past, present, and future of the League of Entropy, the first production drand network.

Luke Valenta
Nathan Hamiel
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Use Cases for Drand

Learn about the use of randomness in government processes from the University of Chile, and hear Tierion discuss why they switched to drand for their Chainpoint proofs.

Alejandro Hevia
Wayne Vaughan
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The Internals of Drand

This talk will start from the cryptography that drand uses and then gradually highlights the different drand protocols.

Nicolas Gailly
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Channeling Chaos

While distributed randomness protocol provide an important building block for protocol design, their effectiveness is only as strong as the distribution network. This talk will lay out the infrastructure the Drand team has built to add availability attacks into our threat model.

Alan Shaw
Will Scott
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Q & A (Block 2)

Luke Valenta
Alejandro Hevia
Wayne Vaughan
Nicolas Gailly
Alan Shaw
Will Scott
Block 3

The future of randomness


Introduction to VDFs

This talk will provide a brief introduction to Verifiable Delay Functions from the beginning, including basic definitions, desirable properties and some historical perspective.

Joseph Bonneau
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Hardware Acceleration of RSA VDFs

This talk will discuss the importance of hardware acceleration for evaluating RSA VDFs and generating their associated proofs. It will also discuss the latest performance results across a variety of hardware platforms including CPU, GPU, FPGA, and ASIC.


ETH3 Randomness — Quantum Secure VDFs

This talk will be about SNARK-based VDFs that are the leading candidate for quantum secure VDFs in Eth3.


Q & A (Block 3)

Joseph Bonneau
Kelly Olson
Justin Drake



Is this event free?

Yes, this event is free as in beer. You still need to register for it to receive the calendar with the talks and announcements. You can register here.

How can I register for this event?

You can do so by registering here.

Will the event be live streamed?

In Addition to the Zoom Webinar, this event will be live streamed to Youtube on the Protocol Labs channel. Subscribe to it today so that you receive the notification when the event starts.

Will there be a Q&A with the speakers?

Absolutely. After each block of talks, speakers will gather in a panel and take your questions that you have submitted via the Zoom Webinar and/or Youtube live stream.

Is there a Code of Conduct?

Yes! For years, our core ethos at ETHGlobal has been to make it easy for anyone to dream big. To that end, we've developed a Code of Conduct to ensure a positive experience for all in attendance.